World is full of unsolved problems. We are building impactful Product Experiences through Experiments

We believe that future is full of possibilities and all we need is Imagination , Ambition and Grit to push boundaries in building impactful product enterprises.

Experimental Mindset

We experiment with little bit of everything and learn with Insatiable curiosity to build products.

Experiences that matter

We make human experience, empathy & interrogation a center of our processes to build product experiences. We believe that Attitude beats Aptitude.

Enterprises that build local communities

We believe that enterprises should contribute to developing local communities

Join Us!

Krit Studios provides you with oppourtunities to constanly learn & do your best work to build impactful product experiences.

Graduate Software Trainee

Are you passionate about building software and eager to learn new technologies? We are looking for passionate software engineers to join a start-up product team.


Graduate UI / UX Designer

Are you passionate about great User Experience(s) ? and keen to learn using new design tools. We are looking for passionate design to join a start-up product team.


Junior Full Stack Developer

Are you passionate about building software using new technologies and have fast career growth? We are looking for passionate software engineers to join a start-up product team.


Perks & Benefits

We highly value contributions of our team members towards the growth of Krit Studios.

Vacation & Family

We love work but we also believe in spending quality down time. So we offer generous paid time off & holiday benefits that can help push the reset button for fresh start.

Health & Wellbeing

We believe in importance of Health & Mental and Physical wellness. We offer employees paid gym memeberships, yoga classes & other subscriptions to be healthy!

Learning & Career Progression

We believe in dedicated time for continued learning through regular training and make it part of daily job. We pay for your books, attending conferences, training courses on regular basis.No questions asked!

Other Benefits

Flexible Work hours, 100% Remote work, Internal Hackathons which will help accelerate learning through build & share , Full Autonomy to pursue peronsal side-projects as part of internal incubator, generous compensation